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Gonna' drown

Flash flood warnings are in effect for me now. Good thing I'm off today. Haha.

I actually have to leave and buy boxes for work. =[ Anyway, I guess I'll just have to remember "Turn around, Don't drown!"

Speaking of work, the district manager came and was speaking to all of us and we all apparently have to step it up and start being managers. She does have a good point. The girls do talk back and show up to work late. She wants no more verbal warnings, just write ups. So at the monthly meeting, Debbie and I gave them all a verbal warning. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to be stricter if I want to keep my job.

So we are getting remodeled. We'll become more of a boutique and I suppose it'll be nice. Everyone is getting re-interviewed, but I think I'll be alright. Anyway, I'm gone.


I'm off to fax some forms with Irene today, then to work until close this evening. Should be a normal day. I think I'm going to buy the new Amy Winehouse CD. I really like her new single.

I'm sure I should have more to say later.

Here goes.

So I basically worked all day today, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. I'm exhausted. Tomorrow, however, I'm going wig shopping with Erika. It'll be a blast and I'll have to take pictures. That girl is going to make me spend all my money.

Anyway, They're going to remodel the store, right when I was planning on leaving, so I may wait a bit longer just to see if I can take working for purely BCBG, you know? I feel remarkably less stressed that I have lately and I've just been taking things slower. I need to get back to school. I'm just so lazy. I think that when I do go back to school, I'll go Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays only.

Sunday, I went horse-back riding with Jon and fell off his horse. My hip is still sore. I'm pitiful. I am all limping around my house. My father felt so bad he made me a cake and bought me a mini-cake.

Anyway, I need a new keyboard and mouse. I think I'll use my tax retun to just build a new computer.

Feb. 28th, 2007

Just to let everyone who reads this know, I'm going home the week before spring break.

I'm just so thrilled to actually be going home this time and work can't stop me. In fact, they're paying me. I just miss everyone so much. I was talking to Josh Johnston the other day and he didn't understand how excited I am. I get to see people I went to elementary with and people with whom I should have graduated. I don't get that here. I don't see someone here and think, "Man, they really grew up!" because I never knew them and still really don't. I have like, five real connections here and they're all people who moved to Austin but one, the lovely Irene. I just...I'm just homesick, I guess, and not for the place but for the people.

This just can't be happening. Five more days and I'm on my way home.
So when I last left off, I was miserably working at The Icing with that crazy girl Krystal. Since then, I was offered and accepted a position as assistant manager at Rave, soon to be MaxRave. I have been so happy and moderately stress free at work, it's amazing.

I love it.

Lately, my biggest worries have been what I will eat for lunch. Which, thanks to Debbie, my manager, is mostly a chicken sandwich and fries with ranch. So yeah, that's my new job. Oh, and the reason it will be MaxRave is because we were bought out by the owner of BCBG, Max Azria. All of the clothing we now carry is so much better and now we're a "fashion forward" company. I'm just happy here. They actually care what goes on at their stores, unlike the Icing. But I think that may have been a distict manager thing.

And as far as classes go, learning a new language is much harder than I had imagined it'd be, but I am starting to understand. I enjoy Spanish, I would say. And Professor Pompa is hilarious.

As for History, I have Serna. No more need be said.

I'm only taking two classes seeing as how I have a full time job. And I now really need to start saving money, guys. Hardcore.
My childhood was just slaughtered by a stingray barb to the heart.

Steve Irwin was my childhood hero and I cannot believe he's gone. He was super-human, guys. The only way he was supposed to have died was by fighting fifty crocs to save his dog. ;-;

I'm going to go look at the Crocodile Hunter page of my fifth grade scrapbook if I can find it.

I'm heartbroken.
So I might be deveopling ovarian cancer already. I'm totally freaked out.

I have 1000000 procedures lined up not to mention that I'm already taking hormone therapy. Why, ovaries, why?

And I have to get my wisdom teeth out next month.
So lately Irene and I have "damned ourselves to hell" in the words of Alejandrina and have been messing around with Ouija Boards. It's plural because we made the fist one, then bought a super cool glow-in-the-dark board. Yay.

Anyway, we met this guy named Alex who is hilarious. The first board we made had a ton of random words and phrases on it, because, hey, it's Irene and I. What do you expect? But we had written pretty way, waaay off to the side. Irene's little sister muttered once, "I wonder what his voice sounds like..." and he went to the fake pretty. It was hilarious. And also, there was a hole in the cardboard and he went to it and we were all, "What does that mean, freak?" and he spelled, "S-E-X." It was just so funny.

We spent twenty minutes begging him to spell out "S-E-X-O" because it's actually Spanish for sex and is hilarious, but he kept saying no. So then, last night we asked him again, and he was all, "F-I-N-E-S-E-X-O." It was so funny. And when we asked if he had a family he was all, "D-U-H."

What is creepy is that he spelled out Irene's house and cell number, which I don't even know. >>;

Ouija Boards are addicting. I want a cigarette.

No more underarm hair!

So on Thursday I went for a consulation about laser hair removal. On Monday, I'm getting my first treatment. We'll see how this goes.

You know, I feel...stressed. I don't have any idea why, either. Merg. I just need to go..garage sale-ing or something. *sigh* I might update later.
Did anyone in the Class of '06 actually like me at LHS? You guys pretty much never comment/reply to mine. I was simply wondering if you even remembered my name.

In other news, I fucking hate the Manager in Training that took over for Jessica at The Icing. I just want Jessica back. Now. Yesterday, she scheduled Ally and I to work (on the manager's Sunday to work, no less) from 11am to 9pm. That didn't upset me since the mall closed at 6:00 and we were reworking the entire store. So 9:00 comes and they tell Ally and I to work on the hair stuff. The most difficult part of the store. So we get half of it done and then Heather says, "Nothing is going to fit. Why didn't you two let us know?" WTF? Holli told us earlier we were going to move the purses. But now we aren't? Argh!

So then, we start rearranging, and it's 11:00, that's twelve hours, and I said, "Look, I need to go home. My parents are most likely worried sick and I've been here forever and I'm Ally's ride." And Holli looks at me all angrily and says, "Whatever. If you don't want us to finish, go."

She can fuck herself and stay there all night. That's what she gets paid to do. She's the store manager. This is the second manger's Sunday I've worked for her, btw. Merg.