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5 May 1988
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Add me if you like, but:
1. Do comment and tell me you are doing so.
2. Please, no spamming, and don't tell me what I should and should not do unless I ask.
3. I do live in the USA, so freedom of speech applies here. =P
4. I am not Christian, Hindu, Islamic, nor Wiccan; do not force your beliefs on me.

Now we should all get along, right?

I'm just an ordinary girl.

I mod texas_lolis and dearmarhevsky.
15th century, after school, anime, anne boleyn, anti-racism, art, biting, books, bright colors, bright eyes, candlelight, catherine of aragon, cats, cds, celtic music, cemetaries, chewing gum, chokers, cloudy days, computer, computer geeks, computers, converse all-stars, corsets, costuming, cover songs, cowboy bebop, creative writing, crushed flowers, ddr, dogs, donnie darko, drinking water, edwardian clothing, edwardian dresses, egl, egl clothing, egl fashion, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, faeries, fantasy, finger nail polish, fireworks, flcl, flute, fooly cooly, fun, gackt, gadzooks, gothic lolita clothing, gundam wing, guys, hair dye, hamsters, happy berry, harvest moon, hatred of clowns, hello kitty, hellsing, heresy, high heels, history, human sexuality, invader zim, japan, jpop, jrock, kazaa, kisses, lace, lj icons, lolita, lolita gothic, loneliness, lord of the rings, love, lupin iii, making costumes, mana, manga, masks, moo-lah, moonlight, mp3's, music, musicals, nail polish, novels, old books, old churches, opera masks, paint, pale skin, paradise kiss, parakiss, pens, pez, philosophy, piano players, pins, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, playing games, pocky, powdered wigs, rainy days, reading, renfest, ribbons, riding with my friends, roleplaying, romance, roses, rubber bracelets, sailor moon, scars, sea monkeys, sewing, sexuality, simple kisses, singing, ska, sleeping, songs, spring, strategy games, swimming, swordplay, system of a down, the stars, theism, theist, tokyo mew mew, tori amos, trance, vampire hunter d, victorian clothing, video games, vintage dresses, web comics, wings, world history, writing, ,

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